About Our Practice

Dailey Medical Clinic was founded in 1999 by J.W. Dailey, M.D. This office was founded after Dr. Dailey completed his postgraduate medical training in Family Medicine at the Central Texas Medical Foundation and Seton Hospitals in Austin, Texas in 1999. Dr. Dailey’s early education was at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston where he completed a specialty baccalaureate degree in Perfusion Technology. Clinical training relevant to cardiovascular perfusion for adult and pediatric cardiovascular surgery was completed at the St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital under the instruction Dr. Denton Cooley. Medical school was completed in 1996 upon graduation from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.
Our practice serves all arenas of health for adults and children with regards to all aspects of medicine including physical and emotional health. We particularly focus on preventative medicine as much as possible and expect the patient to embrace a healthy lifestyle within their respective financial and personal means. Dr. Dailey has special interests in obesity, prediabetes, diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Clinical interests are also in allergy and immunology as it relates to seasonal allergies, chronic lung disease such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, and food and environmental allergies. Dr. Dailey has completed the core curriculum in Environmental disease from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, but has not applied for board certification from this academy.
We believe most disease can be prevented, but when disease occurs it can be significantly modified or reversed to restore the patient to a very good quality of life.

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